May 2015 - August 2015
A total of 27 of The Beatles' most glorious popular songs of all time will be featured in the newly-announced concert tour, The Number One's Sing-a-long concert.

The 34-concert tour has been set up by Happy Days Records, The Beatles Forever and The Ritchie Yorke Project.

Scheduled to kick off at Sydney’s State Theatre in May 2015, The Beatles Forever will provide a spirited and soulful salute to the most successful British rock group of all time.

Focusing on their extensive array of chart-topping smash hits from the early '60s through to 1970, the concert event will deliver 27 of The Beatles' biggest hits, complete with projected lyric sets and atmospheric accompaniment.

The concert repertoire is simply staggering and will profoundly rock Oz audiences from coast to coast. Beatles' music is a sure-fire audience pleaser Down Under but this new combination of sparkling repertoire and faithful reproductions, can only ramp up the overall impact.

The Beatles’ ‘1’ album was released in 2000 and has garnered extensive international success with sales topping 36-million, including over 900,000 in Australia alone, the equivalent of a dozen platinum album awards.

George Martin was the producer of all but one of these tracks. He clearly recalls the change in the band's momentum after they'd broken through globally with Love Me Do.

“From then on both John and Paul seemed to burst with inspiration. Those early songs were so fresh and sparkling, always surprising and delighting me with each new offering,” noted George.

“Never did they fall back on a cliché or a rehash of an earlier success. Each one was a gem. Before long their work spurred George Harrison into writing great material too, like the classic ballad Something.”

The 27 1 hits from the 2000 album capture – in crucible-like fashion – the very essence of The Beatles and their wonderful musical adventures. The journeys they led us on.... the spiritual moments they offered.... the vision they invited us to share. The sheer wonderfulness, the absolute exquisite joy, the explosion of emotions which the Beatles' music represented.

Comprised entirely of number one hits from the UK and the US, the 1 album was originally released in 2000. It broke countless records by debuting in the number one chart position in 35 countries. Ultimately sales soared over the 36-million mark.

1 remains to this day the most compleat collection of The Beatles' chart toppers, featuring a total of 27 chart-slapping winners.

No other Beatles' album release contains such a sure-fire compendium of the band's proven chart favorites.

As EMI asserts, this album ``remains to this day a most emphatic introduction to and collection of
The Beatles' career-spanning dominance of pop music through the l960's.''

The unique lineup of players in the No. 1's Sing-a-long Tour 2015 can only add to the joy.

With the band maintaining the look and the sound that Beatles' fans came to cherish, the No.1's Sing-a-long tour is a production that changes the traditional format of a Happy Days record performance. It is an interactive crowd participation masterpiece that encourages the audience to sing-a-long to the songs with a big screen of lyrics and vision designed specifically for each song taken from The Beatles compilation album 1.

This tour is bound to be an overwhelming success around the country.

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About Happy Days Records:
Happy Days Records has established itself as one of Australia’s leading entertainment producers giving the public a chance to relive the halcyon days of great music. Producing over a dozen major Australian nationally “in concert” theatre productions paying homage to iconic artists such as Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, Diana Ross, Petula Clark and ABBA in productions including ‘Johnny Cash: The Concert’, ‘The Class of 59’, ‘GOLD: The Ultimate ABBA Show’, ‘Buddy: The Concert’, ‘Buddy ‘n’ Roy: Together ‘n’ Alone’, among others.

About The Ritchie Yorke Project:
Ritchie Yorke was associated with John Lennon and other members of The Beatles in the late '60s. He was intimately involved in John and Yoko's Bed-In for Peace event in Montreal (May 1969), the Toronto Rock `n' Roll Revival (September 1969 with the launching of the Plastic Ono Band and John's subsequent private announcement to the other Beatles that he was quitting the band) and the War Is Over campaign and the historic meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau (December 1969). He conducted the George Harrison interview in Sept. 1969 which revealed the contents of the Abbey Road album. In January 1970, he was appointed the Lennon's international peace envoy, and travelled the world on their behalf. He continues to be a close friend of Yoko Ono.

Ritchie Yorke on Channel 7's The Morning Show talking about The Beatles Forever Tour